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Join our club and enjoy a larger selection and deeper discount than the Alliance membership!

You can shop here for free at regular retail price or for a $50 annual fee, enjoy a healthy 10% discount off everything we carry including big ticket items like chassis, frames and bodies!

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Each member will receive a QR code sticker mailed to them within 3 days. By applying this small sticker to your vehicle's window or display stand at a car show. Interested parties can use their smart phone to immediately see your vehicle's complete biography. They can quickly understand the work you've done whether to admire or to purchase your vehicle. Let your ride to the talking!

With Chattin Chassis, you'll have access to our unique concept and with your membership you'll not only get amazing discounts on products, but be part of an idea that is adding true value back into the classic car and truck industry.

Set up a personalized bio. Tell nothing or tell all. Share or keep private. Your choice. Great way to document your ride’s rich history. Also a good way to keep copious amounts of notes. We all know how much really goes into these rides! With this bio, you keep your legacy alive. Sell your ride and the history will stay with it. Cool to see where it came from.

With membership, you can sell your ride on our site completely free! Broadcast your ride to the world without paying the high fees of eBay, Hemmings and other sites.

Enjoy all of this!? This just version 1.0! We have 2 new versions coming soon! With each new version released, your subscription amount will not increase. You simply enjoy the fruits of our labor! Version 2.0 Will be the answer to what many are in such a desperate need for! Version 3.0 Will be amazing! We are excited about all aspects and versions of Chattin Chassis. But Version 3.0 will be a trend setter! It is such a unique concept and we really cannot wait to share it with the world! IT WILL CHANGE THE INDUSTRY!